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Apple Universal Web Wiki™

Apple's best of breed web browser allows in place editing of - any website.

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CUPERTINO CA (Rixstep) -- Apple Inc today revealed their 'Web 3.0' plans Universal Web Wiki™ - a feature in their 'best of breed' web browser that allows anyone to edit the content of any web page anywhere.

How It Works

Take any web page anywhere - such as the one pictured below from Wikipedia - and just edit it: use any typical text service such as those found here. Select the text you want to edit - and voilà!

Works on Apple.com

Yes Wikipedia pages can be edited - even to the point of destroying the hyperlinks - but that's not what happened above: that's only possible with Apple's 'best of breed' web browser Safari.

Here's a page or two from Apple's own website.

Not a Fluke!

Detractors initially suspected this was just another bug Apple refuse to fix - such as one of the myriad of bugs in their killer app Apple Mail. Such as the one that still after three years copies services text back from the wrong clipboard. Haha.

But no: sources Rixstep were unable to contact inside the Blooper Loop claim it's all intentional - and that the code name for the overall effort is 'MacWeb 3.0'.

'We're going to revolutionise the web just as we're revolutionising web surfing and revolutionising Unix', said the sources.

'Of course it's intentional!' they added. 'You don't think our crew are that stupid do you?'

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