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maybe this will seem like a stupid question, but what are you talking about?

Hi David,

The article fairly well spells it out.

there is only single reference to this topic to be found on google - and it points to an entry on DIGG which cites your website!

Well the article was only published on 14 September. Where's the fire?

i think this is a gag, right?

No it's no gag. It's yet another incredible programming blooper on the part of Cupertino.

How It Works

Take a web page from anywhere - such as the one pictured below from Rosborough Tech - and as an example download their Cocoa service 'lipServiceX 1.2'. Install it - then with a minimum of fiddling (OOTB lipServiceX 1.2 doesn't modify text - only inserts - and must be set to accept text as well) you get results as shown below.

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