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Apple's iPhone on sale in the UK at a beatable price.

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London UK (Rixstep) -- Spanish owned O2 will offer Apple's iPhone in the United Kingdom. The devices will be sold at O2, Carphone Warehouse, and Apple outlets starting 9 November 2007.

The UK iPhone costs £269 including VAT and requires customers sign up for an 18 month contract, the most amenable alternative of which costs £35 pcm for a total of £899.

The 'cheap' alternative yields 200 minutes and 200 SMS messages. Users can also connect to wireless broadband with The Cloud.

You Want Speed? Ha!

If UK users want speed - as in ordinary modern mobile telephony - they can however think again: as in the US the 'hi-tech' Apple device will run on the neanderthal EDGE.

You Want the $100 Fanboy Rebate? Ha!

Apple fanboys in the US pressured Apple CEO Steve-0 Jobs into an about face on recent price cuts: today only the high end iPhone model remains and its price was cut by $200 to $399. If UK customers expect to benefit by this development they have another thing coming.

The UK price is just $61.736 or thirty quid (£30.9127) short of the price the US found too outrageous. Today the iPhone in the US costs only £199 - Steve-0 tacked on £70 ($140) for the UK market. Why?

A spokesperson for Apple Rixstep contacted lamented the outrageous price but blamed it on Orville Air Services whose rates for shipments to the UK have gone up again.

Customers Can Handle the Truth

'Orville have the monopoly on UK imports', the spokesperson explained. 'There's nothing we can do about it. We can't just tell them to charge $.99 for everything! I could lie to you and say the price was a mere reflection of greed but I feel our customers deserve to know the truth. It's not our doing - it's Orville.'

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