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Step aside for user friendliness. The lobotomised kind.

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Dapper Drake and Feisty Fawn are two recent releases of Ubuntu. Ubuntu's turnkey - more than Debian: it chooses its own GUI at the CD phase. And that GUI is GNOME by Consuela Icaza.

GNOME started as a 'fanboy' reaction to KDE which was perceived by the avant-garde at GNOME as 'too advanced'. Recently the consorts surrounding Icaza also decided ordinary file managers were no good and spatial managers had to be the default. [Don't laugh. Please don't laugh. Thank you.]

Recently Icaza's been crawling the corridor floors not in Redmond but in Cupertino - and on at least one occasion been found out hiding under the desktop of a Leopard Finder engineer. The following screenshots should amply prove this fact.

1. Dapper: The Good Old Days

2. Feisty: The Better User Friendlier 'Mac' Days

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