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Be stupid. Connect.

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Fit semi-hot babe stops her jogging and checks her signature sport watch. [Sport watches are cool.] Things look good. In a minute she'll be uploading her latest cool wellness information to her caretaker.


Yeah! That's what you really want, right? Turn over all your medical records to Microsoft? You'll rest easier at night knowing they're secure? Nobody can access them, no one can steal them, for Windows is a secure stable impregnable environment? This turns out to be even safer than keeping them on your Windows PC? [Hey that's a good backup plan but this is better, OK?]

Yeah. Oh yeah. And you can get all these device drivers for all this cool jogger shit stuff you can hook up all over your body. And then you contact your GP and tell him to hook up too. And suddenly everybody's put your medical records on Microsoft's secure servers.

This is a joke - right? Right. Click the babe above to see the next joke. Actually three jokes. The first joke is - as you're not running Windows - Bill won't let you in. So you go to your Safari Debug menu and choose User Agent-Windows MSIE 6.0. And you're in.

Now what? Next joke: now you download HealthVault Connection Center. It runs on genuine Microsoft Windows.

It's bug free.

But before you can download this free program you have to prove you have genuine Microsoft Windows.

That's the third joke.

Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center: Be stupid. Connect.

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