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US President, White House Dispute Nobel Committee Decision

In a terse comment to the press a spokesperson recommended viewing a media clip previously issued to Fox News.

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WASHINGTON (Rixstep) -- 'I won the elections fair and square - all three of them', said US president George W Bush to reporters at the White House on the news former Democratic opponent Al Gore had won the coveted Nobel Peace Prize for his work in combatting climate change.

'I have a lot to do right now. As you may know we're at war right now - with several more being planned - and we're at war because we want peace. So I don't have time to discuss climate change', said Bush before disappearing back into the White House.

White House aides referred reporters to a media clip previously released to Fox News and now in the public domain where twice elected US president Bush explains his own feelings about environmental issues.

Rixstep are honoured to be able to help disseminate this historical document - which in no way is meant to demean the accomplishments of the United Nations or former US vice president Al Gore.

Viewing this White House/Fox News media clip requires Shockwave Flash.

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