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Here's Your Banana!

Isn't this what you always wanted?

Get It

Try It

Hey Steve.

You always said the reason Bill had 95% of the market and you only had 3% - even after ten years at the helm now - was Bill was the first to understand you should sell only software but you were always after THE WHOLE BANANA.

But Bill's system is SHIT. And the whole world is suffering as a result.

So here's your banana. It's WHOLE. It's been peeled a bit for you but it's still intact. Go ahead - take it.


Now - can we have your OPERATING SYSTEM?

You know they're standing in line - Michael Dell and all the rest.

You don't have to sell them the WHOLE BANANA - you don't have to give them the exact same system you're using on your own bananas - but you have to give them SOMETHING.

They're SUFFERING, Steve. They're really in a bad way. The whole fucking INTERNET is collapsing under the weight of that THIRD RATE PRODUCT Windows.

You don't really like to see people suffer, do you, Steve?

Hey - it would make you rich too. Yes you're rich now but just imagine if you cornered the entire OS market. We're talking ZILLIONS here. All yours.

And you'd be doing everyone a favour too. More than that purveyor of third rate products up the coast.

Wouldn't it great to be LOVED? To have actually DONE SOMETHING for the GOOD of the WORLD?

Just imagine: a World Without Windows. A new 'WWW'. No more third rate products anywhere. Hey it's a great idea, innit?

Think about it. Do the right thing. Do the GOOD thing.

Take your banana and give the world what it wants.

Think about it.

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