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Something's rotten to the core says Malcor.

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The glib Malcor is sick and tired of Maccie fanboys. He's taken the ultimate approach: he defaces their websites. To make matters even more dramatic he publicises clues about what sites he's going to take out before he hits them.

And then he hits. Boom.

Something is starting to stink, and I'm not the only one noticing. The Macosphere is filling up with crap. With 14 year olds blogging their Mac setups. With entire websites devoted to covering pretty Mac apps. This apple is rotting at its core. It is infected with smugness, and more and more, the symptoms are starting to show, whether it's the eye roll at the non-iPod music player, or the snide comments about my laptop's lack of curves.

Everyone knows that when something starts to rot, the rot must be amputated to protect what is left. As an underground hacker for many years, I am in the perfect position to perform this operation. It is a pleasure to accept this opportunity on behalf of the Mac user's community.

Tomorrow, one maggot will be taken down. This particular larvae is malignant, obnoxious, and has a fetish for posting about his constantly changing Mac setups.

Let me repeat that. A fetish. For Mac setups. This is for his own good.

The target will be posted on this site once the attack begins. I will be sending said target a note with a heads up before. Hopefully, by the end of the attack, a sea change will begin to happen. Does anyone disagree with me that the Mac world be a much more pleasant place if smugness wasn't tolerated?

The attacks will be untraceable, and unstoppable.

And He Hits Again

Dozens of Mac fanbois have written in or posted comments on this blog imploring me to stop these attacks. They argue that bringing down these websites does more harm than good. They have been emailing Google and MediaTemple in an attempt to bring me down. And many have, while agreeing with my cause, accused me of throwing stones in a glass house, and called me out for smugness.

Lucky for the majority of you who are cheering these attacks on, I don't care at all what these fanbois think. So yes, the attacks will continue.

So the next question, of course, is who I will be attacking next? Let's see if you guys can guess it. Here are a couple of hints:

1. The writers on this site have an unhealthy obsession with pretty Mac apps.

2. The site's name rhymes with 'Mac Crapper'.

Every time I stumble on this website, my blood pressure rises, my faith in the intelligence of humanity decreases significantly, and I start feeling insane urges to kill my pet cat.

So for the sake of my cat, this maggot's going down. And it is fatter, juicier, and will be oh so more satisfying when it is squished. And best of all, I'll be killing many birds with one stone, as their staff page is three pages long, and consists mostly of their individual Mac setups. Horrifying.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Bookmark this one.

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