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Johnathan Right

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OK get a load of this for starters.

Johnathan Wight: it's a case of time allocation
Johnathan Wight: we cannot go through and optimise every framework we use
Johnathan Wight: when you leave school you might realise that

SC: But that gradient isn't a framework

Johnathan Wight: same difference
Johnathan Wight: 3rd party code

SC: No, frameworks are a whole different ball of wax.

Johnathan Wight: oh please
Johnathan Wight: 3rd party code is 3rd party code
Johnathan Wight: you're smoking crack
Johnathan Wight: you've obviously never released an app in your life

SC: Ok, because you'd know

So who is Johnathan Wight? Amongst other things Johnathan Wight is the one who opined that Rixstep's defence of Ankur Kothari's work and his discussion about lame Mac developers constitutes a '911 conspiracy theory'.

OK so who are Rixtep? Taken from the About page: Rixstep have credentials teaching systems and driver programming for British Aerospace, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, SAAB Defence Systems, IBM, Microsoft, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Barclays Bank, and Sony/Ericsson.

OK so asking the first question again: who is Johnathan Wight?

It's my second year of coaching a First Lego League team. The experience has been fantastic, I'm teaching 4th and 5th grade children about robots and computers, and teaching them to build and program their own robots.

There ya go. Anything else he's had time with all these years?

March 17th, 2003 · No Comments
Welcome to the new toxic software website. The site is currently under construction but there will be a lot more added soon!

March 18th, 2003 · No Comments
The last remaining show-stopper bug with iRoster has been quashed. The first release is imminent.

iRoster 1.0b1 release!
March 21st, 2003 · No Comments
Late last night the first public beta release of iRoster was made available. You can download it here: iRoster 1.0b1.

iRoster 1.0b2 coming soon!
March 21st, 2003 · No Comments
I've received a reasonable amount of feedback concerning iRoster 1.0b1. I've already added a handful of new features and hope to get a new release ready tonight. Watch this space.

OK enough of this horseshit. Let's jump ahead to VT to see what's been happening with this stellar app.

It hasn't been updated since 9 September 2005 - over two years ago. It's still in 'beta'. More like 'abandoned'. And 'themackgeek' complains it crashes all the time. So Wight recommends he upgrade from beta 1.0b10 to beta 1.0b11 immediately. Or why not go all out and upgrade to beta 1.0b12?

[Subtle clue: read the comments. This isn't programming anyway - it's AppleScript.]

Let's see what other stellar products this programming guru and teacher of young has to offer. Maybe he abandoned 'iRooster' as one user calls it for something better?

Ah Texas boy. We can relax. Texas has produced some ace programmers over the years. Like George Walker Bush. And 'Python Metadata Importer' we can forget - that's not 'software' anyway. But what about 'KeyChainCache'? That surely looks promising!


  • This one's still in beta too - and it was our last chance.
  • Its version is '1.0b2'. Wow.
  • It was last updated 30 January 2003 - over four and one half years ago.
  • Even though it's beta it's not called beta like the other 'tool'. It's suddenly called 'freeware'.
  • It's never been rated.
  • It's garnered in toto 637 downloads in four and one half years.
  • It uses Unsanity's Application Enhancer Framework.

Seven time loser. Redefining 'toxic software'. How totally ironic. But in a good way of course.

Johnathan Wight gets a woody every time Daniel Jalkut repackages MarsEdit. But presumably he neither ever gets a clue what's inside. And given that Daniel Jalkut is a notorious tool that makes Johnathan Wight the ultimate tool: he's a Tool's Tool. The Tool of a Punkass.

OK let's go over what words of wisdom Johnathan Wight was spewing out not so long ago.

Johnathan Wight: when you leave school you might realise that
Johnathan Wight: you're smoking crack
Johnathan Wight: you've obviously never released an app in your life

SC: Ok, because you'd know

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Postscript: Johnathan Wong

Johnathan Wong is now harassing his IM chatter friend 'SC', pompously spewing forth vile bile as can be expected of his ilk. And in the perverted twisted distorted microcosmos of the mind of Johnathan Wong it's enough to know someone who used to work at Apple - and preferably uses a handle like 'punkass' if you catch the meaning - to claim intellectual superiority over and garner fanboy admiration from the innocent.

But what's particularly insightful - and alarming - is that even though the pathetic Wong wouldn't dare try this 'tack' on a real professional he did think he could get away with it with an IT adept. Pointing only to what a perverted personality he really is.

Does he also try to impress complete (younger) strangers (of the same sex) in real terrestrial life?

But seeing as Johnathan Wong inhabits the only realm of computer science where abnormal psychology is an everyday thing perhaps it's not so surprising at all. Johnathan Wong is filth and there's no arguing that.

When it comes to being wong few people have ever been as wong as Johnathan Right/Wong. He wanks up there near the top with the best of them.

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