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Teachers Ed Newville PA

From zip to total Internet savvy in an easy seven step course.

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The administration recommends that the Board of School Directors appoint Ms. Bealmear to serve as a High School Business Education/Career Project Teacher, replacing Ms. Gallagher who has resigned. Ms. Bealmear's compensation for this position should be established at Step 1, Master's Degree, $40,110.00, prorated, based on the contract between the Big Spring Education Association and the Big Spring School District, pending receipt of her emergency certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.



4, 5, 6.





Thank you diggers for all the emails and name calling.

If I could I would issue a detention to each and every one of you who mailed or called our school. Instead a handwritten apology sent to the school will be accepted. Please write:

'I am sorry Ms Bealmear I will not be fooled by an Internet hoax again.'

Hand written 20 times by Friday 4 PM.

Ms Patricia Bealmear

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