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The Return of JerryLeeCooper

Because you're stupid.

Vista growing from strength to strength

The initial surge of sales for Vista have been phenomenal. So successful in fact, that Microsoft has been taken by surprise, and can barely keep up with the demand.

Vista has been in short supply all around the world due to this rapid take up of the product, and so Microsoft has been working hard to reign in that demand to match the supply.

What you are seeing here, first hand, is the result of the most successful software operating system of all time.

The simple fact of the matter is that Microsoft cannot produce Vista fast enough to meet the current levels of demand, and so they are forced to release older stock back onto the market, or face the prospect of losing customer loyalty.

Its also important that Microsoft take the opportunity to convert their current inventory of Windows XP into cash sales - otherwise that existing inventory would have to be written off.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. Customers are still able to access Microsoft licenses that they desperately need to run their businesses, Microsoft receives a financial bonus as it converts its old inventory of Windows XP into cash .. and the Vista programmers get a much deserved break, which they can use to ramp up their production efficiencies and grow those Vista inventory levels to new highs.

I dont see any of this as negative to Microsoft at all. These are all great signs that Microsoft is healthier than ever.

You need to take legal action against Novell for this travesty

So, let me get this right - you downloaded a trial version of the linux from the internet, and tried to install it on a perfectly good machine.

Your trial version failed to install. This is most likely because the time period for the trial had expired, so thats easy enough to understand. Another probable reason for the failure to install is because your machine was running too fast - linux works best on machines around the 1GHz mark, and would be very unstable running on a 3GHz machine.

All those facts aside, what concerns me most is that the linux loaded a virus onto the windows petition, and corrupted your machine ?

Astonishing !!

Novell has every right to restrict the distribution of their trial freewares, and abort the installation if the terms of the EULA have not been met. However, it is absolutely against the law for Novell to go that one fatal step further, and install a virus in retribution.

It is illegal for a supplier of software to inflict such punitive measures.

You have an excellent case here for taking Novell to a court of law, and prosecuting this malicious action on their part without predjudice.

I highly recommend that you pursue this course of action.

giving Linux a try

Hey, I'm new here. A while ago I tried to talk to a bunch of people on another board and they were telling me Linux is not a Windows program. I'm here to prove them wrong. I found your site out on the Internet from a college friend and he said hackers know more about Linux than most.

Well, he also said to get Lindows because it's the easiest to understand. So I downloaded the file and tried to run it. Didn't work. I burned it to a disk and it wouldn't install like it said it would. I've seen it on his computer and I had something like it called Windows Blinds, so I think I'm on the right track.

giving Linux a try II

Thanks guys. You all gave a better explaination than others. I liked the wikipedia article, btw. Yeah, someone found my posting on ZDNet... thanks.

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