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The Dog of Bride of Son of JerryLeeCooper

Because you're stupid.

Yes ME again

I see that the freeware evangelists are running scared now that their days are numbered. In an unbiased comparison, I have independently concluded that a legally licensed Windows machine, with a faster CPU processor and RAM memory, a bigger screen and a bigger Hard Disk memory is cheaper than the ubuntu machine, because of a sound investment strategy based on felicitous risk management and foresight.

You said : 'You better go back to school because your math is definitely not sound. You failed to factor in your $299 (your quote) for Vista'

Not so - lets add it up again.
$299 for the Vista
$50 for the case
$50 for the genuine Microsoft keyboard and mouse
$100 for the motherboard
Total = $499

What is there not to understand ? The deductivistic summation of such figures adds up to $499.

The linux cannot reliably be employed on modern hardware

Yes, well, I did receive quite a few pointed 'pointers' about linux not requiring windows, but I am yet to be convinced on that score.

I did witness first hand just the other day, a demonstration of a machine loading up the linux, and several points piqued my interest for sure.

Firstly, the machine loaded into the Microsoft boot sequence prior to loading the linux. This is the segment of the operating system which counts down the memory, and configures the A:, C: and D: drives prior to loading the Microsoft windows. Although the machine did not display the familiar windows animation, it was obvious that the linux was freeloading off the back of this prior installation/boot sequence. The aforementioned demonstrator, upon further questioning, even admitted that 'Oh, That part is not the linux', and then went on to confuse the issue with technical jargon. However, one cannot mask a simple act of piracy with excessive verbosity. A fool and his lamb are worth 2 in the bush.

Now - I will admit after some further research, that the linux is not in fact a complete copy of Microsoft Windows. My research indicates that it is in fact a copy of Unix. I bet you didnt know that young man ? Yes, its a straight copy of Unix, even down to copying verbatim codefiles straight from the source of Unix. I believe there is a court case in progress regarding this latest discovery. The magnitude of the theft is now becoming apparent.

However, this remarkable fact may well uncover the answer to Ed Bott's mystery linux installation failure. You see, the Unix was designed to run within the VHF to UHF spectra (much like a radio), which is all well and good until you consider that modern computers run in the microwave range, at which regular radio reception starts to have serious issues. If one were to use a UHF receiver to tune in to a quad-phased broadcast in the Microwave spectra, one would fail miserably.

I would wager a bet that Ed Bott's computing apparatus was a more contemporary design utilizing a 3GHz central processor unit (or CPU). Under such frequencies, the linux would literally tear itself apart, its code lacking the internal cohesion to sustain this extreme environment. The Microsoft by comparison, is streamlined and engineered to withstand this Microwave environment, thanks no doubt to the forethought of its designers.

And of this there is ample evidence, which one can easily do an msn-search for and witness first hand. All of this evidence is on the public record, and cannot be denied.

blue ray is impractical for the linux

It comes as no surprise that the linux does not yet find itself deployed on the blue ray HD DVD, for a number of reasons.

I think you will find after some investigation that the blue ray HD DVD is a patented invention that requires special decryption codes to be utilised.

Therefore it would not only be illegal for linux to use the blue ray (not that minor questions of legality have ever stopped the Linux in the past), but more so that linux does not yet contain the decrypter codes required for this operation.

And so for now, the linux finds itself constrained to the somewhat prehistoric CD-ROM format.

Leaderships wins the day

Lets us not waste our energies on pointless arguments over exactly how many ways the linux has infringed on other people's intellectual property.

The facts have already been proven, and numerous people have made declarations in public about the level of corruption that is systemic and prevalent in that particular 'development community'.

Prominent and respected businessmen, such as Steve Ballmer CEO. of Microsoft, have already been generous enough to state that the evidence exists, and even enumerate the magnitude of this vile misdeed.

But nobody is threatening to sue anyone .. or argue over the who is to blame, there is no childish 'Witch Hunt' in progress here.

When one stands on the edge of a smoking crater, the scene of a horrific passenger aeroplane accident, a Leader will not run about cursing all and sundry for their part in this tragedy - NAY - A Leader stands up and admits that a dark day has fallen upon us, but is discrete about the details. The bodies of the fallen are covered, and discussions with next of Kin are kept private. It is enough to know that '235 brave souls have lost their lives on this day', and that is enough for us to know.

And so it is that Steve Ballmer has shown both Leadership and Discretion of the highest order in this situation. The proven magintude of the crime has been made public, however the details are kept respectfully at arms length. In so doing, Microsoft is performing a huge service for the linux developers, in not shining the lamp of the accuser too brightly upon their guilty brows ... in effect, giving them a second chance to direct some of their energies towards a more productive future path.

It is an act of the highest nobility that is rarely seen in this day and age.

No, the real issue at hand here is - NOW that it is well known that things have gone wrong, HOW can we restructure relationships in this industry such that their is a way forward to a productive future ? We can also look to Novell it seems as bastion of noble intention and Leadership in this industry.

The Novell-Microsoft pact is a template for all future relationships in the IT industry, with all players in the industry purchasing prepaid IP royalty credits from Microsoft. This makes the entire question of IP manageable at last, and streamlines all future IT business in a way that truly benefits everyone.

No need for Piracy or IP Theft here !

It is saddening to see articles like this that talk about building computing systems, and leave out the necessary costs involved with properly licensing the operating software. There is an unwritten suggestion within the article that the user could somehow bypass these costs ? or worse - choose a system (Ubuntu), which will lead the user into the dark and uncharted world of freeware - a world where the true costs are frighteningly hidden in the details.

I would suggest that in building any computing aparatus, one first selects the software required, and then builds the rest of system around that.

At the center of this choice would be the Windows Vista of course - preferably in the Business edition, at a low price of $299.

That leaves $200 left, and for that money one could purchase a quality case for about $50, a Microsoft keyboard and Mouse combo .. another $50, and a Motherboard for $100.

Now - anyone with experience in the computing IT industry would know that prices for CPU's, RAM memory, and Hard Disk memory always drop significantly over time.

A top of the line processor, RAM memory and Hard Disk memory may cost $1000 at today's prices - however, in a short time frame, these will cost only $200. And so, the wise buyer, by strategically delaying their purchase order, will save $800.

A good quality 19" monitor - another $200.

Microsoft Office - add $400

Now lets do the figures :
$499 for the purchase of the initial equipment.
+ $200 for the upgrades later on.
- $800 savings by delaying the CPU / RAM / Disk purchase
+ $200 for a monitor
+ $400 for Microsoft Officce
$499 total

There you have it - a perfectly 'decent' computing machine with a legal and licenced copy of operating software (and $1 in change) vs $500 for a somewhat hobbled Ubuntu machine that leaves its user with undeclared balance sheet liablity for patent infringements.

Like so many other independent studies have found before .. A properly licensed Microsoft solution is not only the safer option, but also the lower cost option as well.

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