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The Rat of Cat of Dog of Bride of Son of JerryLeeCooper

Because you're stupid.


Its a very interesting statistic indeed, and one that bears repeating in many an IT department.

Google is a company with extensive internet experience - probably second only to Microsoft itself, and one can bet that Google looks at all platform options very closely.

I wonder what exactly can be concluded from this statistic though ? Given that Google runs it's internets using Microsoft IIS at the very core, they dont sound too worried about this situation.

Read between the lines of the article though, and the truth is revealed in the final paragraph - That these compromised servers are running PIRATED versions of Microsoft IIS, many of which are probably also running Linux, another malware of dubious legality.

It would be informative to learn how many of these pirated domains are running Microsoft IIS under Vista vs how many are running Microsoft IIS under linux ? As always, the truth is in the details.

A foolhardy investment

An interesting concept perhaps, but one ultimately doomed to failure.

I would hazard to suggest that such a venture would be like fissling good seed onto barren ground, when one considers the target market for this ambitious venture.

Firstly, let us consider the target market. Those who would purchase a Dell computer with the linux installed, typically do so with one factor predominant in their mind's eye. That is - they choose the linux in order to save money. Any venture that invested resources in providing training services to this market is at a disadvantage from the first day, since that market has already classified itself as a penny pinching mob, collectively bereft of financial resources.

Secondly, one must consider the technical depth of this target market. The linux lacks the shine and technical sophistication of modern operating systems, such as Vista. There is only so much that can be taught to customers about the linux before one has exhausted it's technical abilities, let alone the shallow pockets of it's users. Selling training for advanced topics such as - Virus Protection, Disk Defragmentation Utilities, Job Scheduling, Windows Scripting, and Windows Clustering, Sequel Server .. all great topics that make a firm foundation for a lucrative training program .. but these opportnities are solely lacking in the linux world.

And Thirdly, let us consider the professional development of this target market. When one enters an University level course in advanced computing with a view to a productive future in the IT industry, what exactly do you think they teach students there ? They would hardly be teaching the linux, the unix, or the mainframe in this day and age. Nay - Its primarily Windows and Vista that form the foundation of a professional career these days. One would only be doing a half hearted disservice to users if you limited the training program to the linux.

So whilst I find the idea of offering training to Dell's linux customers gregarious and even charitable, I think it is a venture doomed to failure, and surely one which most investors would be loathe to back with the resources required.

Does the linux have a choice ?

If one makes the presumption that the modern IT is all about the internets, then you have to ask yourself 'Does the Linux even have a choice in this matter ?'

A modern computing system is not one that is run from the DOS command line - it is a system that is tied in with the internet instead. Just have a look at Vista with Aero for an example of this done right.

You need the outlook to connect in with the mass of email flowing around us every day. And then there is document collaboration - the sharing of Wordfiles and Excels between users across state boundries ! Voice over IP, internet enabled 'surface' computing, and voice command interfaces - all tied together with .NET and the Aero interface.

The driving force behind this internet is the Microsoft Sharepoint Server - a central peice of systems software which connects all these end points together, in a synergistic kaleidoscope that achieves both balance and symmetry.

The smart Vendors know that in order to get ahead in the future IT, that means integrating with the internet.

And so, we will see more and vendors of the Linux remit their legal obligations to Microsoft, and then benefit by getting onboard the .NET revolution.

MK Electronics

I have spoken to MK Electronics - a real and established electronics firm in Sweden - and also the Medison 'partner' who is handling distribution for this laptop, and according to them, its all real.

This is just bizarre.

Im sure if it was possible to sell a $150 laptop in quantity, then Microsoft would already be offering such a product.

Why is Microsoft doing this ?

The one crucial question that must be framed is : Why is Microsoft paying hard currency for these deals ?

Why would they do that unless there was some other agenda ? I think the answer is clear.

Figures from the BSA and RIAA prove beyond all doubt that piracy and intellectual property theft is growing at an alarming rate. A recent article published by the US internet crime complaint center demonstrates how receipt of its 1 Millionth complaint shows that internet based fraud is both rampant and expanding beyond all reason.

In this environment of lawless anarchy, it is no surprise to find that the Linux is right at home, and growing - in the same way that a wurm grows fat and gluttonous when placed in a dark and damp environment full of refuse and the despondent cast off's of a wealthy society.

I am not alone in my beliefs that even in this dreadful situation, the Linux represents a growing market for the softwares. Microsoft has tried for years to offer their superior office suites and internet products to markets outside of the Vista, with little success.

And yet, this is a difficult exersize. Linux represents the old school, with its mainframe like interface, and arcane secret programming languages. Porting the softwares to this platform involves hiring the hippies who understand this obtuse environment. These people are typically unreliable, and have difficulty living wth the regular 9-5 work ethic. They believe in intellectual property theft, free love, substance abuse, and marxism.

Microsoft has solved these issues in one brilliant sweep by paying cash for access to these Linux secrets, by making these cross patent deals with the linux 'Vendors'. This will allow for the interoperability that the corporations so dearly wish for - the ability to run the Microsoft Office, and the IE7, as well as the Vista on top of this growing but amorphous mass known as 'The Linux'.

In a short time we will all soon see the benefits of these cross licencing deals, and the softwares will expand out their user bases and be seen everywhere. Even the most die hard linux afficionado with matted hair and a red armband will salivate at the prospect of being able to run the IE7 on his precious linux.

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