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US Treasury Close Down Website

It's good for the gander too.

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WASHINGTON DC (The Technological) -- Following their audacious move in shutting down European travel websites running on servers in the US the US treasury department have today resolved to close down their own website as well.

'What's good for the goose is good for the gander', said Henry Paulson.

This move follows the brouhaha Paulson and company caused when - as it was discovered today - they harassed Internet registrar eNom to revoke domain names for Online Travel Management of Tenerife who have been selling Caribbean holidays to Europeans for ages.

'These days not even a judge is required for the US government to censor online materials', commented OTM representative Steve Marshall to the New York Times.

Financing Oppression x 2

Paulson and the boobs claimed OTM were indirectly financing an oppressive regime. 'OTM are a generator of resources the Cuban regime use to oppress people.'

Unfortunately this is exactly what came to hit treas.gov upside the head. When it was suggested that they too were helping finance an oppressive regime - after all they're in charge of money in the US - treasury directors suggested they in all fairness should shut down their website too.

The OTM websites are now functional again with providers outside the reach of the oppressive regime in the US; rumour has it the US treasury department will also move there.

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