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'Just Throw Them Out in the Trash'

Latrice gets a clue bat to help in her fight for intelligence.

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Latrice Crispell bought a building on Detroit's East Side at an auction last year. She's planning to use it for a new business venture. When she went recently to begin cleaning it and getting it ready she found thousands of abandoned medical records piled away in a back room.

The building had previously been used as makeshift storage by the Primary Care Medical Center now reborn under the name Hayes Medical Clinic. They'd just tossed the old records in the building and abandoned them. Out of sight out of mind. Hey.

The files were over 15 years old but represented an identity thief's gold mine with SSNs, drivers licence details - the works.

Crispell was especially shocked to find her own records in the pile.

Local news reporters in Detroit tracked down the sister of a woman in the files now living - in Virginia. 'You don't know what's happening with your information; where it's being left; and whose hands it's getting into. People can use this information', said the sister.

Reporters also contacted the doctor in charge of the medical centre at the time. He explained he's not required by law to keep the documents more than seven years but he also promised he will personally see the documents are destroyed.

But here's the punch line: when reporters contacted the new Hayes Medical Clinic by phone they were told Crispell should 'just throw them out in the trash'. When reporters later confronted Hayes representatives in person they claimed the government had told them what to tell Crispell about securing the documents - 'just throw them out in the trash'.

A bit of a chuckle after the fact comes in the clip linked below. One of the news anchors recommends a safeguard against this happening to anyone else: keep copies of all your personal files.

It's one thing for idiots to be out on the loose without muzzle and leash; it's quite another for government representatives to be so colossally stupid and advise people in this manner.

The Technological have sent Latrice Crispell a signature heavy duty size Technological Clue Bat™; hopefully she'll be able to use it to help educate her local government. They seem to need educating bad.

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