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Which is the Largest?

Thank goodness there are lifelines.

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Postscript: Hoax Say Snopes

A peanut, an elephant, the moon, a tennis ball? Kathy Evans of Idaho was really stumped, blew all her lifelines, and went contrary to the advice she was given both by a friend and an audience?

Nopes say Snopes. The picture is actually of a Fiona Wheeler on the original UK version of the show attempting to answer the slightly more difficult question 'which is the everyday name for the trachea'.

'Such fabricated humour might be considered superfluous', remark Snopes. Indeed. Particularly when real life genuine 'Millionaire' clips already exist - such as this one, this one, this one, and this one. And from Wheel of Fortune this one and this one. And countless others. And of course this collection.

Credit to Rodney W of Australia for digging this one up.

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