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Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users

Seriously - what do you do with them?

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Dali Rău of Graphic Tribe is redesigning the corporate website for the imminent move. After years of grappling with hopeless (and rude and stupid) MSIE users he decided to draw the line.

'On the English website, if you try to access via Internet Explorer, you now get the following message at the top of every page, decorated with a 'STOP MSIE' icon too.'

Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users

Your web browser is simply too outdated and broken to be taken seriously in this era.

Technically, it's not really a web browser, it's more like a spamware/spyware/malware magnet... But you already know that, right?

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I haven't got the time nor patience to redesign (in this context, when I say 'design' I actually mean 'fistfuck') my website so that it can accomodate that piece of shit so-called 'web browser' Mi¢ro$oft has successfully tricked you into using.

So, the way I see it, we've got three choices:
  1. Go get yourself a real browser and start enjoying the internet! By 'real browser' I mean a modern, up-to-date, standards compliant software, like Firefox or Opera... shit, man, there's even a Safari version for Windows nowadays!
  2. View this website in its plain vanilla form, without any eye-candy or color, which is pretty much the only way your current 'browser' is capable of displaying it...
  3. Send me an e-mail and tell me what a fucking loser I am and that there's no way in hell you're gonna download a new browser just to see my fucking website. Add two 'FUCK YOU's and a 'BURN IN HELL' and then make it really clear to me that you're never gonna visit this sorry ass, fuckin' lame, goddam' cocksuckin' motherfuckin' website ever again.
Make sure you type everything in ALL CAPS, otherwise I might not get the point...

I would be very happy if you'd actually choose to install a good browser and come back to my website, I truly would!

My work is a form of art and it's being displayed for your viewing pleasure too, so of course I'd love to have you visiting! But that's not going to happen at the expense of wasting my time just so I can make this website look better in a 'web browser' that, on the other hand, has been completely neglected by its developers...

'This morning, I got the first message ever -from a M$I€ user- that does *not* tell me to go fuck myself :)) British boy who can't spell, but still, with a sense of humour.'


not here to complain luckily i have firefox as well as internet brower. but i got that message and i couldnt stop laughing, i  think it great.
just thought i would say that  as im pretty much bored and that mde me chuckle. kudos to you mate! oh and  love the latin lettering it  what i have been looking for.


'Hahaha, I'm amazed :))'

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