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Another Open Sauce Lame-Out

There's no more sincere form of flattery but shouldn't one avoid flattering the wrong things?

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When it comes to graphics and fonts Microsoft will always occupy the bottom rung on the ladder. No contest. So why oh why do the open sauce people look to Redmond for inspiration and things to copy?

Behold the graphic below. It's an install page for the new SuSE.

It looks like bloody V*STA. It certainly looks better than old open sauce UIs. But it still looks terrible.

The open sauce people don't have any good fonts because they don't have any money but they must have bought some fonts. Why then do they want to use Microsoft's crappy fonts with no antialiasing?

Familiarity with Microsoft things breeds contempt. And how about the actual message on this page?

It's hard to read because it's a full screen shot from a crappy Wintel box with a 4:3 screen (if you remember that far back) and it had to be resized to fit here. This is what it says.

Powerful Multimedia

Multimedia sucks. Patent encumbered codecs you can't find. 3rd party repositories that are never up to date to what you're running. Until now.

Persenting a brand new innovation from openSUSE labs: singing. Every time you wake up and take a shower, sing a tune of your own choice! Singing revitalises your senses enabling you to hack all day in complete silence or in case of most PCs, in a hypotizing hum of your CPU fan.

Want More?

Sorry, that's about it.

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