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Facebookers Security Risk

It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

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The UK Ministry of Defence don't have much respect or appreciation for recruits from the 'Facebook generation' according to a new report.

They're too used to the 'rapid and often uninhibited exchange of information'.

Not to mention security thinking in general with the pinheads at Facebook is utter crap.

The Burton Report cites the Facebook generation as responsible for a general decline in security in the United Kingdom. Sir Edmund Burton began his report in January after a laptop with data on 600,000 MoD recruits was stolen from a Royal Navy recruiter's automobile.

Burton felt the incident was a sign of the times. No word yet if he's been contacted by Ted Strickland.

The stolen laptop was one of four stolen from parked automobiles in the past four years. Burton feels the responsible parties don't understand their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.

During the Cold War awareness of real security was ingrained in individuals and organisations. Audit, inspection, and compliance regimes were rigorously underpinned by codes of discipline.

These well developed processes and procedures have not been translated effectively into the information age. There is little awareness of the current real threat to information and hence to the department's ability to deliver and support operational capability.

Burton's report makes 51 recommendations, including the establishment of a 'coherent system of censure and punishment' for individuals who lose or compromise personal data.

That sounds perilously close to making people accountable for being stupid. That can't be allowed to happen.

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