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Are you sure you want to close this tab?

It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

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This is the scenario. Droolers out there - possibly more than one - get increasingly perturbed because they have this incurable propensity for accidentally closing Safari windows and tabs they're still working on. Of course this is a feat of no trivial anti-intelligence but no matter - for these people truly are in a class of their own.

And in their never ending zeal to force the rest of the world to behave as stupidly as they do they call and write and nag Apple to put an 'ARE YOU SURE' prompt into Safari so they don't lose any of their precious work again. Sigh.

And of course Apple actually look into an issue when enough people complain about it. So these people keep nagging. The same small group.

There's no way this could be a larger group because the planet wouldn't be able to stay in orbit any longer. They keep nagging and finally Apple say they'll look into it.

And so end of phase one of this stupidity and the beginning of phase two. For now Apple start looking into the issue. May the gods help us all.

For today with Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX you can have text remaining on forms on web pages after the text has been submitted. But the people at Apple didn't think of that. Instead what you get today with the all the more annoying Safari 3 for Leopard is the following.

Over and over and over again.

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