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Dear Apple,

We would like to start off by saying, we have always loved your products. We have been loyal fans and we promote you like no other. But the time has come where you have lost our respect.

Several members of mobileme have not had access to their email for 8 days. This is ridiculous and unacceptable for a product we pay $99 a year for. Google/Hotmail/Yahoo and others provide email and other similar mobileme services for free. Furthermore, we have no real idea as to when this issue will be resolved. You have told us nothing. The answers we get from Customer Care are inexcusable for this many days without service.

Look, we don't mind accepting the fact that you rolled out a product before you probably should have. We all make mistakes. But we're asking for some kind of immediate action.

Please give us .mac back!

We love the idea of mobileme, but clearly it's not ready yet. Meanwhile, thousands of us who rely on our .mac email have been left in the dark for days on end. Email today is just as valuable as cash to a certain extent. Many of us rely on email for business. Being left in the dark without working email this long is entirely unacceptable and we demand a response.

the 1%

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The Service is designed for personal use and not intended to be used for commercial business purposes, including, but not limited to, transacting online sales or software distribution via an e-commerce site.

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