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The Case Against Gary McKinnon

Now it's up to the ECHR.

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Gary McKinnon lost his appeal before the House of Lords. All he has left now is the European Court of Human Rights. After that it's Guantánamo.

Gary McKinnon was interested in the work of the Disclosure Project and its 400+ witnesses who say the government in the US are covering something up. Something perhaps related to extraterrestrials but more importantly related to cheap energy alternatives.

Pensioners can't pay their bills and energy costs are rising all the time, says Gary. And what with this crisis it's important to find out if powers that be are deliberately exacerbating the situation.

So he set out to hack his way into the NSA and the Pentagon. And in both cases succeeded beyond his own hopes.

Gary wrote a simple Perl script to run port scanners and server ID tools to specifically look for Microsoft Windows systems - after all and as everyone knows: Microsoft Windows is easy to hack.

But Gary went further: he specifically looked for Windows machines that weren't protected by a password. [Yes at the NSA and yes again at the Pentagon.]

And he found a slew of them.

Remotely Anywhere

Once inside these hapless Microsoft jalopies Gary installed Remotely Anywhere so he could manage their desktops from his flat in London. At any one time he had several boxes in the US DOD under his control. He was very careful to only access them after their own working hours. He was specifically looking for evidence there was a concerted systematic coverup. He insists he found it.

Gary finally got busted after several years 'research'. He'd just about found what he wanted - photographic evidence that he says knocked him out - when an admin in the US happened by the computer he was working out of. Gary saw the mouse go over to the network icon, pull down the context menu, and disconnect from the Internet.

After that it was only a matter of time.

Not Alone

Gary wasn't alone inside the US government computer networks. He regularly ran netstat to see who else was visiting and found IPs from across the globe. People he believes were representatives of other governments. It wasn't a well kept secret that US government networks were foolishly wide open to intrusion.

The US government initially offered Gary a deal. Come over for trial willingly, they promised him, and we'll send you up for 3-4 years and you can serve most of your time back home. Give it to me on paper, Gary said. They never gave him anything.

And now the incompetent boobs behind this travesty and persecution of Gary want to send him up the river for 60 years or more. As often happens in cases such as this the 'plaintiffs' grossly exaggerate claims, distort the facts, and cite damages that never occurred.

Unfortunately for Gary the arrogant boob from the House of Lords who was in charge of the appeal - who is 70 years old and possesses absolutely zip chops in computer science - decided to rule in favour of his friends stateside.

And such an extradition is possible not for when Gary was busted but since several years later when the UK passed a new unilateral law not even requiring the foreign government to produce evidence with a petition.

Take a look at both these clips. The one to the left is shorter - it's about 15 minutes - and the one to the right is about three times as long. Give Gary at least 15 minutes of your time; try to stretch it to one hour; and after that contemplate stopping by at http://freegary.org.uk and making a contribution of some sort. Gary deserves it.

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