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Viruses in Space!

NASA admit way more than they realise.

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INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (Rixstep) -- Viruses have again made it into outer space. NASA admit it. Laptops transported into outer space last month were infected with the Gammima.AG virus.

Gammima.AG attacks the following systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP - and most likely (why not) Windows Vista.

This irrevocably confirms many things.

  • NASA have unbelievably enough been so indiscreet - some would say so STUPID - as to use MICROSOFT WINDOWS. They do this with taxpayer money.

  • NASA used to run networks before Windows - and performed about as well back then too.


  • Gary McKinnon broke into NASA by running a script to detect Windows computers LEFT ONLINE WITH NO PASSWORD. Who else has been able to break in? Gary McKinnon cautiously implied NASA WERE STUPID - THIS CONFIRMS IT.

  • Gammima.AG is no innocent virus - it installs a ROOTKIT. Who else has rootkits on NASA's Microsoft Windows computers?

  • But NASA go further: they admit this is not the first time they've transported Windows viruses into outer space.

  • There is no antivirus software on NASA computers. Again: there is no antivirus software on NASA computers.

  • NASA suspect the virus came on board through a flash or USB drive.

  • Yet they continue to use Microsoft Windows.

NASA win The Technological's extremely coveted INTERGALACTIC SUPREMELY STUPID AWARD™.


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