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JerryLeeCooper's shaking in his boots.

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I don't have a printer

There was just this minute a new MAC OS Update that I installed and re-ran the script from the shell. It found a whole bunch of lprojs to delete in the Printers libraries - I don't even have a printer.

Space is cheap

Windows also leaves a lot of stuff like this around thinking that space is cheap and maybe some day, I'll switch to using French as my standard language.

Internationalized resource objects

I don't know what lprojs are but I understand internationalized resource objects.

Not all that risky

I don't know exactly what this script does, but I think I have a pretty good idea of which parts of the various applications are being removed. It's not all that risky, as I see it, and it frees up a lot of space.

If I don't know what it is

I don't know what 'haxies' is so I guess I don't have it. I don't have or know anything about those programs you mentioned. I'm still having trouble getting used to the keyboard layout.

As much as five hours

The system was running like that with the power adapter connected during the long 'hang' interval. It was easily 2 hours, I kid you not, perhaps as much as 5 hours. I put it aside before yesterday's political debates and checked on it well after the pundits did their analysis.

Typical OS unfinished business

I looked though all the console logs and didn't find anything that appeared to help, lot's of errors and deprecated calls, but these looks like typical OS unfinished business. I think if there were anything relevant it got overwritten.

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