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Help Steve's New Buds

Be nice to them - they need to make a living too.

Get It

Try It

Lies are cheap; brains are a scarce commodity. Tell people anything and tell them often enough and they will believe you. Even if you told them the exact opposite fifteen minutes ago.

Keep telling them the PowerPC is better than the i386 (because it is). Get them to act their typical fanboy selves towards Windows and other non-PPC users. Then get whacked up your own skinny backside because IBM aren't interested in developing the PPC further for your pathetic market which you resolutely refuse to work on.

So go cautiously forward but gradually spread the story i386 has always been better than PowerPC - and will they swallow your new banana! Of course they will!

And the infamous 'Get a Mac' ads! Remember the one with the PC coming on sneezing and sniffling because he's got a virus? Macs don't need no steekin' antivirus!!1! Macs are cool!!1!

You bet! A multimillion dollar campaign is based on that not so wobbly premise.

But there comes a time in every Steve's life when the truth must be bought. When honesty is no longer the best policy. When hypocrisy can be deftly swept under the vegan hypoallergenic carpet like all the lies.

For yes it's true, dear friends: Apple have quietly begun recommending users fortify their bastions with antivirus software. Or at least they were.


The article has now gone missing - isn't that curious! But it's still in Google cache if you hurry!

But whatever - Apple (Steve) now recommend you get either Intego VirusBarrier, McAfee VirusScan, Symantec Anti-Virus, or - as the article itself suggested - GET ALL THREE!!1!

And get them now - THROUGH THE APPLE STORE!!1!

Now read these words carefully: #1) YOU. #2) DON'T. #3) NEED. #4) IT.

Got it? Good!

And here's the funniest part of it: do you know what Apple ship with their OS X Server boxes? For they do ship an AV package just in case you can't get Windows out of your rear view mirror.

Do you know what they ship?

They ship ClamAV. Considered by many to be the best product on the market.

So why not recommend what Apple themselves use? So why not recommend ClamAV?

Because it's free.

Please help Steve's new buds. Please buy their less than worthless products. You don't have to install them - they'll only bork your Macs anyway. But please buy one or all today. Steve's new buds get to keep at least 70% of the money they make through The Steve Channel and they have mouths to feed too!

Thank you.

You've had a helluva day, Steve. The DRM rule on this one was you're outspoken as against it. You knew it, you broke it. Then you pulled that 'buy antivirus software from my new buds' stunt. The rules are written for your benefit and for every one of your customers. They are not flexible nor am I. Is that clear?
 - Mike Metcalf

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