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After witnessing a software product like Spotify it's tempting to think the median IQ of the human race is going back up again. It's not. In the US the cutoff for Mensa is down 14 points. This indicates at least two things.

  • Those other 98% are dumber than ever.
  • Those who entered Mensa before the cutoff went down are a lot smarter than those who enter now. Collectively they're probably closer to being in the top 1% instead.

The people who work for Spotify - from the developers to the marketing droids to most likely everyone - are a lot smarter than your average developers/droids/everyone. What they've done is very encouraging.

But all bubbles are meant to burst - at least somewhat - over time. Popping in to the Spotify forum confirms it: people in general are still getting dumber and dumber.

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