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iWork09 @ The Pirate Bay

And you thought the people at MacRumors were bad?

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The iWorkServices trojan has been around about a fortnight now. It's only come to the attention of mainstream media in the past few days. But in the fortnight it's been around it's created havoc at the torrent sites.

Following are some of the comments found. Enjoy.

i believe this version has a p2p trojan 'iworkservices'. it is in iWork09Trial.mpkg/Contents/Packages/iWorkServices.pkg/Contents/Resources/iworkservices
 - unaballmer

Seems this contains a trojan, or at least something that has a very trojan-like behaviour (sends data to very suspicious and seemingly random IP's, stays active even after uninstallation of the apps). So I'd very much advice anyone against installing this.
 - xr0

Oh for jesus-h-christs sake. The iwork service is the new online function. Remember ? The one Phil Schiller was banging on about in the Apple keynote earlier this month. It communicates with the Apple servers and updates your online documents. 'its got a trojan'.... fucking newbie arseholes.
 - Threlly

Don't leave this lame parasite in your system as it attempts to connect to numerous locations and do you harm. Heck, Threlly - How come you survived the wonderful phenomenon called evolution?
 - Buzzer66

What harm ? Why hasn't it spread from the thousands of users who have downloaded it. Why has it not been flagged by ANY virus detection system on the web ? WHAT HARM ?
 - Threlly

Download the legitimate trial from Apple.com and paste this into terminal: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.iWork09.Installer InstallMode -string 'Retail'
 - Obama44

I got the Trojan. Akiacat's instructions removed it perfectly. I have had it for a couple of weeks, is there any chance that the trojan has installed other malware onto my computer??
 - mark4321

Thanks, Threlly, for confirming that there are indeed dangerous people who spread viruses and one should have no contact with them. Such people usually use aggressive and foul language, can't spell and are immune to reason.
 - wurstfinger

any one who doesnt think they need virus protection on a mac click on this link its for tuaw http://www.tuaw.com/2009/01/22/bittorrent-copies-of-iwork-09-may-contain-nasty-trojan/
 - macguy2220

And that's enough! But what's really amazing is that none of these idiots thought of simply removing the trojan from disk, removing it from the install package, and starting over again.

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