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Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon

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Today is 8 February 2009. It is now almost four years since the release of Apple's OS X version 10.4 'Tiger'. That's a long time. Especially if the system back then - or any of the vendor supplied applications - had really dumb bugs that were never fixed.

One would almost suppose with a vendor of Apple's caliber that nothing extraordinarily stupid could be kept around for such a long time.

But on lazy Sundays one should occupy oneself with less tedious topics. Perhaps click the postage stamp on the Dock and write a letter to oneself instead.

And hey - that's a great icon.

So we start a message we're going to send to ourselves.

And then we send it.

But now we realise there was something else we should have written - and someone else we should have sent the message to. So we grab the message and use the menu. We use the 'Move To' menu item to move the message to the Drafts folder.

And that works well enough except there's no Drafts folder visible at the left.


Some four years ago (and more) Apple's support call drivers determined that the mail drafts folder should not be visible. It should be there but it should not be visible. Some support call driver complained this poor folder was getting in the way. Perhaps it was making 'the rest of those' break out in hives and cold sweat.

The Drafts folder is kept hidden. It's there - you can see it on disk - but it is not shown in the application. Unless of course it is needed. But that doesn't work out too well and it hasn't been working out too well for nearly four years now.

Sooner or later one has to wonder what caliber of supposed 'programmer' can create bugs like this. On 29 April 2009 this bug - in the #2 all time killer app - will be four years old.

Not that this sets a world record of course. At least not inside Cupertino. Arno's .DS_Store bug is over twice as old and still going strong.

Think different.

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