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Pop quiz! How many webmail servers do they have at Yahoo? Pop quiz again! How many different versions of their webmail server software do they have at Yahoo?

If your guesses are not apart by more than three - then you understand Yahoo!

Yahoo are of course the company with Jerry Wang who sold a countryman of his up the river for ten years. For alerting the media the Chinese government were going to ignore the anniversary of Tiananmen Square.

The Chinese geezers couldn't find Shi Tao - he wrote from an anonymous Yahoo webmail account - so they went to Jerry Yang. Who gleefully dished up Shi Tao's personal details.

Nice guy that Jerry.

Shi Tao is still behind bars - he's got six years to go. But Jerry did make a personal settlement with Shi Tao after being dragged before the US congress, the World Organisation for Human Rights, Reporters Sans Frontières, and so forth. There's some evidence Yang sent a letter to Condi Rice two years later - but heck: only a letter and two years later?

Anyway. Yang is no longer CEO of Yahoo even though he retains the silly title 'chief Yahoo' and still sits at or on the board of directors.

And of late as we know Microsoft tried to devour Yahoo. Of course they did. They're taking a right round shellacking by Google and they always buy their de novo innovations anyway. Who else to buy?

But here's something the editors of The Technological won't do very often: offer Microsoft advice. Don't buy Yahoo.

Maybe they've really given it up; maybe not; but don't even consider it. Yahoo is a mess.

Herewith a couple of screenshots demonstrating the programming acumen of Yahoo programmers. Yahoooooo.

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