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Ukrainian Botnet Pwns UK, US Govt Windows PCs

Almost too good to be true.

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It's almost too good to be true.

A few Ukrainians sitting in their underwear halfway across the world and using yesterday's junkyard personal computer hardware have pwned the governments of the UK and the US.

All because those morons in the UK and the US still use Windows.

But what's special about this latest tidbit is that everyone's favourite auntie finally gave in to public pressure and told the world it's not just PCs getting clobbered - it's solely and exclusively Windows PCs. [Yeppers - the same kind you saw in those Bogusky ads before they were pulled.]

The pigs done begun to fly.

You have to go more than halfway down the page (they're still trying to bury it to please Mister Bill) but it's there alright.

As for the dig at Firefox: we'll just say Mister Bill put a candy bar in Darren's pocket again.

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No Unix systems in der ganzen Welt were compromised during the publication of this article.

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