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Verizon + Ballmer = Pink?

There's always lighthearted entertainment around the corner.

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There's always lighthearted entertainment around the corner. Some entertainers are better than others. Herewith presenting some of the best. It all starts at the Wall Street Journal who 'sort of' publish articles online.

WSJ Somewhat Online

Microsoft Verizon are in talks to launch a touch screen multimedia cellphone on the carrier's network early next year in an ambitious effort to challenge Apple's iPhone according to people familiar with the matter.

This sounds really great. Yawn. Poor Verizon.

The discussions are a gambit by Steve Ballmer to energise a mobile business that has lost buzz among consumers and software developers to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

The mobile business hasn't lost buzz. It's only Microsoft's businesses that have lost buzz. And of course this is a Ballmer gambit. Everything Microsoft are doing these days is a Ballmer gambit. Everything Microsoft are doing these days is also a pathetic fiasco.

Verizon meanwhile...

Ah. That's where the WSJ Somewhat Online teaser ends. To continue one has to go to PC World.

PC World

Microsoft may be wielding a new weapon in the war against Apple.

Yeah right. Fear and tremble, Cupertino.

... working on a TOP SECRET smartphone with Verizon. The mission: take out the iPhone. The code-name: 'Pink'.

They probably got clearance from MI6 and the CIA. The suspense is killing the industry. Try to stay awake.

The unnamed insiders suggest 'Pink' will be a souped-up Windows Mobile multimedia phone made specifically to compete with Apple's iPhone.

Oh great. More Windows viruses. And now they'll be flooding the wireless networks, helping to create new jobs in these tough times for the Windows security cottage industries. Huzzah!

Microsoft will focus on creating 'new software capabilities'...

This is indeed entertaining.

So basically what they're saying is that Microsoft could  be working with Verizon on 'Pink' - or could just as easily be working with MIC Tanzania on 'Burnt Sienna'.

Why not call it VERIZUNE?

We do know however that Microsoft and Verizon have been chumming it up lately: The two companies sealed a five year deal a few months ago that'll make Live Search (or whatever it's going to be called) the default search engine for Verizon Wireless phones.

Suddenly this isn't entertaining anymore. Verizon subscribers? SWITCH PROVIDERS NOW. YES NOW.

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