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The Day the Internet Stood Still

At least for Windows users.

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Attention Windows users: if you find a similar announcement on your crappy browsers then you should disconnect from the Internet immediately. And you should stay disconnected until a friend running something other than Microsoft Windows sends you the 'all clear'.

This is a level 5 'red' alert. And it's a sad day for Windows lusers lovers everywhere.

Google Safe Browsing

Surfing the otherwise peaceful Internet for Windows users is today tantamount to crawling through a war zone under heavy enemy fire. You're not safe anywhere and if you get no more than a virtual scratch you can be done for.

So to help hapless Windows users (they can't help themselves and Microsoft sure won't help them) Google have gone to inordinate lengths to cut off the bad stuff before it reaches your pathetic defenceless Windows computer.

Google have a simple URL you can use to test sites before you access them.


You just append the URL of your suspect site to the end. You get something like this.

So yes, Apple are clean. But the Internet is not. Not where Windows users are concerned.

Almost none of the millions of dangerous sites out there could possible harm a non-Windows computer even if they chose to. They target Windows computers for two reasons.

  • There's so many of them.
  • They're so bloody easy to hack.

So Google invest big money in helping poor Microsoft out. After all those class action suits, after the fines levied by the European Commission, after the hunumgoid 'brain drain' to Google there isn't much petty cash left in Redmond.

And that's also why a lacklustre version of Windows Se7en that looks like a Shanghai rip-off of Mac OS X has to cost over $300 where Apple's upgrade costs less than 1/10 that ($29).

Bill needs your help too.

So kick back, take out a good DVD or turn on the radio, play some cards with your friends (or solitaire with yourself) and make sure you have a friend on Ubuntu or Mac OS X who can give you a call when Google sound the 'all clear'.

Sleep tight.

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