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Yahoo Unable to Proceed

Times are tough.

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Times are tough for the Yahoo guys. It's no fun watching your company fall apart with Steve Ballmer drooling at the bit, trying to pick you up.

And it's really enervating to work in a confused company where nothing's organised and code floats all over the place and somehow never makes it to the right server.

So yes, there are explanations if not excuses. But how do you deal with this? For most sites will simply tell the visitor 'YOU NEED FLASH'. YouTube handles it brilliantly. All sites do. Not Yahoo. Things are too confused there.

And that extra empty view on the right adds a nice touch to be sure. Not to speak of that dazzling 4-bit gradient background shadowing. You got help from Microsoft with that?

But hey guys? At least bring your copyright notice up to date? You don't want anyone stealing your code.

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