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'Exhausting evey ounze of forebearance.'

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we each have our tipping point but apple is leaving no stone unturned in it's efforts to alienate it's most loyal constituencies!

the insanity at the AppStore has had me sittIng on the fence - and obviously the googlevoice debacle was it for mike ...

But for me the tipping point is the incredible situation unfolding in china - which will do profound damage to the integrity of the apple brand, as well as inflict high costs on users who are saddled with incomatible devices:

a) wifi: as was long speculated, apple has caved to the chinese government (MIIT) demands to enforce censorship by eliminating the possibility of independent wireless networks.

This craven capitulatio to tge diktats of a police state is a fundemental repudiation of every principle that apple has stood for as a bastion of "think different" and "the power to be your best" and "here's to the geniuses" - not to mention the famous "1984" advert ATTACKING big brother!

so low, so low

b) contrary to the speculation, apple is custom building a wcdma radio just for the Chinese market (pix with the regulator logos appeared yesterday, including confirmation from the Chinese equivelant of the FCC).

This incomptability means that the 3GS I was Bout to buy for near $1000 with taxes would not be comptible with the official Chinese carrier (unicom); and equally the $500+++ for the Chinese version will not be compatible outside of china.

So I am stuck buying $1500-2000 of gear to function (on 3G data) inside & outside of china!

This hodge-podge is exactly the sort of chaos that apple is supposed to inure me against by virtue of maintaining a uniform customer experience (at expence of the stupid dinosaur carriers!).

Bottom line: apple has failed at both key aspects of it's brand: moral integrity & ease-of-use.

Clearly apple has simply Lost It ...

as another poster says below: apple has my money (for now) but not my love.

And the day will come - with the horrendous state of QA in hardware & software - when apple will actually need the goodwill of its customers & developers but will be shocked to find that it has exhausted evey ounze of forebearance.

he who lives by the sword ....

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