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Never before has so much stupidity been concentrated in such small craniums.

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'I seriously thought I had seen it all', writes 'gerbick' at the maemo forums. And that holds for a lot more people as well.

Never before has anyone on this living vibrant Internet encountered such a black hole of concentrated stupidity. More and more people like this are demonstrating they cannot read, they cannot think, they have no brains.

'Over the weekend, ran into a computer that a friend had been using for over 3 years without any virus protection and had some rather bad habits (read: trying to get free stuff; free music, free movies, free ringtones... which lead to free viruses) and they had 897 viruses - not different kinds, about 50 different kinds, an IRC daemon and apparently a share on their hard drive that was being used to stage files and they were also sending out virus laden e-mails (machine was a zombie).'

So far so good. Sounds like your typical Windows luser.

'And my comment was 'You should run something more secure, like OS X or Linux'. They said 'I can't run Linux without Windows...' and had a link ready.

Want to see the link? Hold on. It's the JerryLeeCooper collection.


Now everyone - or it was presumed everyone - knows JerryLeeCooper is a performance artist. There are a few of these performance artists operating online, mostly ridiculing Windows lusers, and giving people good laughs. There's another at Amazon who's absolutely amazing. But JerryLeeCooper holds his own.

And anybody with half a brain - perhaps less - can see he's taking the Mickey on Windows lusers. Or so you would think. But here we have our first indication to the contrary. A Windows luser who not only runs Windows and does so for over three years and manages to collect a walloping 897 strains of malware but also takes the JerryLeeCooper posts seriously?

This is a new nadir for Windows lusers. This must be the demographic Bill Gates is targeting on Catch-22 day.

So that's it then? The Technological pointing out that Windows lusers are dumber than anticipated? It'd be a better day if it were so. For it turns out the critters crawling about the maemo.org forums were taken in as well.

Don't let daperl (among others) read that. He will go to that guy's house and murder him.

This guy apparently started out as a 'complete Mac head'. So he has an excuse for not knowing what he's talking about.

I dunno. That whole article sounds VERY sarcastic, but I've never read any of his previous stuff, so if he's actually being serious, he might want to stop talking now before he gets decapitated by Windows/Mac/Linux users.

Go to the forum section. He's yankin' people's chains. That guy's an anti-Microsoft fanatic. No need to pay him a visit.
 - 'daperl'

lol. I heard something similar to this a few years back from another guy. Apparently he thought that nothing could run on a computer without Microsoft Windows.

It can't be a joke because it's not funny.

I figured as much. The whole article seemed very sarcastic, almost making fun of the whole comparison. I actually have to say, thumbs up for a 'sike' attempt.

And so on. What these poor gray matter deficient people don't realise is the whole world is looking over their shoulders as they struggle with challenges like JerryLeeCooper.

And hereafter let it never be said 'Mac heads' are categorically dumb or 'Linux people' are categorically smarter. The people at maemo.org have now proven that when it comes to stupidity, Linux heads can compete with the best of them - and easily come out on top.

Jumala autaa tällaiset tyhmät ihmiset. - Jorma Ollila, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

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