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Critical Update for Microsoft Windows 7 (KB910721)

To be applied only after successfully installing Windows 7.

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REDMOND (Security Plus) -- Microsoft have uncovered a serious zero-day exploit in their new operating system Windows 7 (which hasn't even been released yet). They're already sending out notices to all known (and unknown) Windows lusers.

You'll probably get a notice in your inbox at any moment. It will look something like the screenshot below.

Do not install this critical update until you have (successfully) installed Windows 7. The code in the update may corrupt earlier Windows systems, destroying your own data and making it impossible to upgrade to the fabulous Windows 7.

Take the Windows 7 update first, then come back to the Outlook update URL and take the critical security update.

Thank you. In complying with these directives from Microsoft you are helping keep the Internet a safe place.

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