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Do You Think You Could Get Used to This?

Crystal needs an easy way to rid Windows 7 of viruses. Here's how.

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LONDON (Rixstep) -- Crystal really believes she's going to have an easy time with Windows 7. But the Dock taskbar's not everything. And protecting one's own files is directly daunting. So how much worse can it get?

Sophos researcher Chester Wisniewski says Windows 7 will fall prey to 8 out of 10 virus attacks. That means Windows 7 is going to get hit just like Windows always gets hit. So what do you do if you get hit, Crystal?

Because Sophos make it clear you will.

Microsoft Australia want you to believe it's going to be easy - just burn your house down.

Of course this ad - much like all the abortive Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Seinfeld in a shoe store, the same dynamic duo bumming it in the burbs, the fantastic Lauren caught out turning in the door of an Apple store, and of course Crystal's classic - really says nothing at all. What's really involved in ridding a typical Windows 7 computer of a typical blitzkrieg of infections?

Adi Marlon of TechHelpVideos thinks he knows. See if you can endure the entire clip.

So there you go, Crystal. It's really simple after all. Do you think you could get used to this?

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