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Rixstep Slapped with DMCA by removeyourbrain.com

Spite - tsk tsk.

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CAGLIARI (Rixstep) -- Rixstep have been hit with a DMCA takedown threat essentially for reporting on how Google were hit with a DMCA takedown threat (by the same company) for providing links to The Pirate Bay in their search results.

The laughable in all this of course was the fact there was nothing infringing on the home page of The Pirate Bay - but when once a surfer arrived at TPB, links to this great 'IP' could be found.

The company in question? removeyourcontent.com, a 'targeted adult content removal service'. Oh yeah.

Herewith the replacement image. Hopefully removeyourbrain.com haven't copyrighted the colour black.

The image was a screen cap of part of the lovely home page of removeyourbrain.com. Who evidently didn't appreciate the free publicity.

The image was a bit of 'hard sell' with a picture of a poor porn king beset with tension headaches, wondering how he was ever going to recover his life's work, along with great tag lines like:

'Piracy Headaches!! Dont Wait!!'
Contact Us For Effective Solutions!

And then a blue fist with a pointed finger and the company logo 'Remove YourContent' [sic] and 'Targeted adult content removal service'.

And so forth.

Hopefully the DMCA can't cover textual descriptions of sleaze ads with poor suffering tension headache-prone porn kings.

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