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People sure are stupid.

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This is finally making the rounds. It was discovered at the beginning of December last year. Twitter have an array of forbidden passwords on their signup page. Good for Twitter - but what does this say about Joe and Josephine Six Pack?

Twitter are not without fault here either: they once used 'password' as their password on all their servers. And of course there's the 'happiness' blooper - Twitter staff member 'Crystal' used it as her password, the black hats came in, and suddenly Britney Spears lost control of her account.

The password blacklist seems highly arbitary. 'XXXXXX' and 'XXXXXXXX' are banned but 'XXXXXXX' is not. But odds are good that the list is representative of how people even today choose passwords. A study by Tõnu Virolaismies into 850,000 accounts revealed the following.

  • 2.0% of users set '123456' as their password.
  • 1.6% of users set their last name as their password.
  • 3.5% of users set their first name as their password.

People sure are stupid.

twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS = ['111111', '11111111', '112233', '121212', '123123', '123456', '1234567', '12345678', '131313', '232323', '654321', '666666', '696969', '777777', '7777777', '8675309', '987654', 'aaaaaa', 'abc123', 'abc123', 'abcdef', 'abgrtyu', 'access', 'access14', 'action', 'albert', 'alexis', 'amanda', 'amateur', 'andrea', 'andrew', 'angela', 'angels', 'animal', 'anthony', 'apollo', 'apples', 'arsenal', 'arthur', 'asdfgh', 'asdfgh', 'ashley', 'asshole', 'august', 'austin', 'badboy', 'bailey', 'banana', 'barney', 'baseball', 'batman', 'beaver', 'beavis', 'bigcock', 'bigdaddy', 'bigdick', 'bigdog', 'bigtits', 'birdie', 'bitches', 'biteme', 'blazer', 'blonde', 'blondes', 'blowjob', 'blowme', 'bond007', 'bonnie', 'booboo', 'booger', 'boomer', 'boston', 'brandon', 'brandy', 'braves', 'brazil', 'bronco', 'broncos', 'bulldog', 'buster', 'butter', 'butthead', 'calvin', 'camaro', 'cameron', 'canada', 'captain', 'carlos', 'carter', 'casper', 'charles', 'charlie', 'cheese', 'chelsea', 'chester', 'chicago', 'chicken', 'cocacola', 'coffee', 'college', 'compaq', 'computer', 'cookie', 'cooper', 'corvette', 'cowboy', 'cowboys', 'crystal', 'cumming', 'cumshot', 'dakota', 'dallas', 'daniel', 'danielle', 'debbie', 'dennis', 'diablo', 'diamond', 'doctor', 'doggie', 'dolphin', 'dolphins', 'donald', 'dragon', 'dreams', 'driver', 'eagle1', 'eagles', 'edward', 'einstein', 'erotic', 'extreme', 'falcon', 'fender', 'ferrari', 'firebird', 'fishing', 'florida', 'flower', 'flyers', 'football', 'forever', 'freddy', 'freedom', 'fucked', 'fucker', 'fucking', 'fuckme', 'fuckyou', 'gandalf', 'gateway', 'gators', 'gemini', 'george', 'giants', 'ginger', 'golden', 'golfer', 'gordon', 'gregory', 'guitar', 'gunner', 'hammer', 'hannah', 'hardcore', 'harley', 'heather', 'helpme', 'hentai', 'hockey', 'hooters', 'horney', 'hotdog', 'hunter', 'hunting', 'iceman', 'iloveyou', 'internet', 'iwantu', 'jackie', 'jackson', 'jaguar', 'jasmine', 'jasper', 'jennifer', 'jeremy', 'jessica', 'johnny', 'johnson', 'jordan', 'joseph', 'joshua', 'junior', 'justin', 'killer', 'knight', 'ladies', 'lakers', 'lauren', 'leather', 'legend', 'letmein', 'letmein', 'little', 'london', 'lovers', 'maddog', 'madison', 'maggie', 'magnum', 'marine', 'marlboro', 'martin', 'marvin', 'master', 'matrix', 'matthew', 'maverick', 'maxwell', 'melissa', 'member', 'mercedes', 'merlin', 'michael', 'michelle', 'mickey', 'midnight', 'miller', 'mistress', 'monica', 'monkey', 'monkey', 'monster', 'morgan', 'mother', 'mountain', 'muffin', 'murphy', 'mustang', 'naked', 'nascar', 'nathan', 'naughty', 'ncc1701', 'newyork', 'nicholas', 'nicole', 'nipple', 'nipples', 'oliver', 'orange', 'packers', 'panther', 'panties', 'parker', 'password', 'password', 'password1', 'password12', 'password123', 'patrick', 'peaches', 'peanut', 'pepper', 'phantom', 'phoenix', 'player', 'please', 'pookie', 'porsche', 'prince', 'princess', 'private', 'purple', 'pussies', 'qazwsx', 'qwerty', 'qwertyui', 'rabbit', 'rachel', 'racing', 'raiders', 'rainbow', 'ranger', 'rangers', 'rebecca', 'redskins', 'redsox', 'redwings', 'richard', 'robert', 'rocket', 'rosebud', 'runner', 'rush2112', 'russia', 'samantha', 'sammy', 'samson', 'sandra', 'saturn', 'scooby', 'scooter', 'scorpio', 'scorpion', 'secret', 'sexsex', 'shadow', 'shannon', 'shaved', 'sierra', 'silver', 'skippy', 'slayer', 'smokey', 'snoopy', 'soccer', 'sophie', 'spanky', 'sparky', 'spider', 'squirt', 'srinivas', 'startrek', 'starwars', 'steelers', 'steven', 'sticky', 'stupid', 'success', 'suckit', 'summer', 'sunshine', 'superman', 'surfer', 'swimming', 'sydney', 'taylor', 'tennis', 'teresa', 'tester', 'testing', 'theman', 'thomas', 'thunder', 'thx1138', 'tiffany', 'tigers', 'tigger', 'tomcat', 'topgun', 'toyota', 'travis', 'trouble', 'trustno1', 'tucker', 'turtle', 'twitter', 'united', 'vagina', 'victor', 'victoria', 'viking', 'voodoo', 'voyager', 'walter', 'warrior', 'welcome', 'whatever', 'william', 'willie', 'wilson', 'winner', 'winston', 'winter', 'wizard', 'xavier', 'xxxxxx', 'xxxxxxxx', 'yamaha', 'yankee', 'yankees', 'yellow', 'zxcvbn', 'zxcvbnm', 'zzzzzz'];

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