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NUDE IT: A Retrospect

Who says you can't make this shit up?

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So that's the start of it. The clip is clever but easy to duplicate and has been duplicated several times now. The person behind the clip admits he did it to promote his blog.

To set the record straight once and for all: I had nothing to do with Presselite's real NUDE IT app and neither did my NUDE IT video. I created the original NUDE IT video as a viral marketing campaign for my blog and it has worked without flaws. Presselite simply saw my NUDE IT video and copied its concept and name to make the app. The app doesn't do what my video demonstrated and pretty much every buyer of the app seems very upset about that (simply read customers' reviews on itunes).

'Bald guy' Michael Krivicka even set up a domain at nude-it.com.

And each of those images on the website is hyperlinked to an article on NUDE IT. And although most of the articles point out there's no app available and that it has to be a hoax anyway, some ostensibly do not.

Cult of Mac: How many hits has your page whoisthebaldguy.com had so far?
Michael Krivicka: It's way past a million hits so far. It took just about a month to get to one million.

Cult of Mac: How many of those people have asked for the app?
Michael Krivicka: Probably in the thousands. People have offered money. I get emails saying 'hey I'll give you $50 I can download'. Sometimes i just get emails with a dollar sign. It's pretty entertaining.

Cult of Mac: What possessed you to create it?
Michael Krivicka: I wanted some kind of promotion for my blog. I came across so much stuff about the iPhone and augmented reality in particular. I had no idea it was going to go this far.

Cult of Mac: Does it work as well as those 50s X-ray specs?
Michael Krivicka: NUDE IT is made up. I'm not sure how to answer that.

Cult of Mac: Blast. So, it's not real?
Michael Krivicka: No, it's a fake app.

Cult of Mac: What do you think makes it so successful?
Michael Krivicka: It gives something for people to think about. It sparks the interest.

Cult of Mac: Seriously, it's a great app - how do we get our hands on a copy?
Michael Krivicka: I wish it would be real. I would send you a link.

But does that matter? Presselite made a NUDE IT app.

Of course if you look closer at the pic on the right you'll see the model's got her hands pointed forwards in her pockets but NUDE IT has them flat against her sides. You'll see the model's hair falls over her left shoulder but NUDE IT has it behind both shoulders. You'll see the model has her legs crossed but NUDE IT has her standing straight. And so forth. And if you look a bit closer at your brain you'll wonder why you ever considered such a dumb thing could be real - why it stopped puritannically at the knickers, why it stopped unscientifically at the skin itself, and so forth.

But that's only if you have half a brain.

That's back in October 2009. Almost four months ago. Now look what's been posted even yesterday at Examiner.com.

hasan says: i need this program for my iphone

hakim says: i need this program for my iphone

mikel says: can you give me this programm my e-mail is : kirbes1@hotmail.de

mikel says: send me pleas


jaka says: hollo CAN YOU SEND THE APP IN MY EMAI dursamjmusic03@yahoo.com

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X says: Hey man,,,dude I got have this app for my. IPhone iff u can send it to me by mail please this us my email. xman_aliraq@yahoo.com And thik u so much for passing like this cool app in ur website

kinG oF coNTroL says: woooooooow ::*_*:: hollo CAN YOU SEND THE APP IN MY EMAI ovd@hotmail.com

Augmented reality indeed - even in the comments. And if there's any possibility this stuff isn't genuine - then check the YouTube thread.

I want that apps
 - lawrencevo

so how does it actually work?
 - EnergizerBunny804

i have this app and its FAKE!!!
 - MrUAE77

haha just read review for the 'Nude It' app, it just superimposes a picture of a man or woman's body in swimwear over your friends. Funny, it has 90% reviews giving it 1 out of 5 stars, but Apple still post it as the 84th best-selling app on Itunes. Shows how little they care about quality control!
 - seededsoul

 - myxaztv2

 - nilatac115

FAKE, These Bastards are just making you fool by editing the video, it doesn't do anything, I have it on my 3GS Iphone
 - bpaul1100

nah its real, i have this app too, but its called inaked not nude it
 - rawiristone

Sure, and monkeys fly out of your butt constantly.
 - Homeboy

wow! what do u use 2 record videos? very good quality =)
 - MaxGadgets123

Only problem is that they don't call it a fun/entertainment app and do not mention it being a prank in the App Store. That's dangerous for al the idiots out there.
 - Noobiewankenoobie

i think it is absolutely fake because they recorded that nude scene on the iphone before, then they played it and acted like exactly the scenes that they have recorded
 - kimostrong

No shit sherlock
 - dsaldanha

Thank You! Glad you like it. If you only knew how many emails I get on a daily basis asking for this app.
 - whoisthebaldguy

Ready for iNaked?

And here I thought the eejits weren't using Hotmail anymore.
 - 'sc68cal'
Not everyone seems to understand the video is just a joke and are clamouring for a real release date for the app.
 - Christina Warren, Mashable

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