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Verify Java Version

Sometimes it hurts to be a Mac user.

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Sometimes it hurts to be a Mac user. Like when some cool game is released for Windows and even Linux users can run it under WINE but you have to wait at least half a year before you even see a beta.

But of course that has nothing to do with Apple - only with Apple's unappealing market share which remains insignificant because the beige beards in Cupertino insist on putting a dongle on everything.

But waiting a half year for a critical security update is another matter entirely.

Sun recently issued a critical Java patch, remedying at least 27 security vulnerabilities. Updates are available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. But not Apple. Why? Because Apple take care of their own version of Java. Isn't that wonderful?

And why, you ask, would Apple want to have their own version of Sun's open source project? Why, the answer to that is simple. Because they want to make their version more 'Mac-like'.

And that process takes - on an average - just over six months.

So be patient - your Java update will arrive. And it'll surely be the best of them all. It'll have a superior user interface. The wait will be worth it.

And if anyone in the meantime should ask you if you've taken the crucial Java update, you can answer them proudly: 'No I have not - I USE A MAC!'

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