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'Safari can't find the Internet plug-in'

Apple score big with Safari 5. Caveat emptor!

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This just dropped down into the corporate inbox.

I hope somebody actually dies for this.

No more blue lego icon, now you have 'Missing Plug-in'. This is how Jobs fights Adobe; the devil being in the details, of course.

Simultaneously opening several URLs in multiple tabs gives you a 'can't find plug-in' pop-up for EVERY SINGLE tab, and they all come to front (see the screenshot); at this point, Safari crawls through the Internet like a wounded snail, everything halts until you dismiss every fucking pop-up.

'Annoying', to put it mildly; 'I want to see people dying for this', to put it accurately. X(

If you want me to stay away from Flash, then you shouldn't make this a Windows-like experience. You should make it easy for me, you motherfucking imbeciles. :\

I'm about to reinstall Flash just to spare myself of this fucking cascade of pop-ups... Adobe 1, Apple 0. Shooting oneself in the foot takes a new meaning.

There's a new piece of shit under Preferences » Security, called 'Location services'. A checkbox saying 'Allow websites to ask for location information'.

It is good, because it allows you to reject those scumbag requests, but it is a piece of shit because it's enabled by default. So you have to dig it up and uncheck it; how many fanbois realize they MUST check the preferences after each update..?

Anyway, I want to see people dying >:}

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