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And it's made on a Mac.

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Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better.

Introducing Antenn-aid™, a collection of six special stickers for that embarrassing corner on your iconic iPhone 4.

Antenn-aid™ is precision engineered - custom-manufactured for that nasty lower left corner on your iPhone 4. It may just improve signal performance.*

Antenn-aid™ is magical - it just works™.

Antenn-aid™ is revolutionary - just like the now-forgotten iPad was.

Antenn-aid™ is sticky - after all, it's a sticker. And it uses world class adhesion technology.

Antenn-aid™ is colourful - it comes in a half dozen colours you can see with the human retina.

Technical Specifications

Antenn-aid™ is a band-aid. A plaster.


*Antenn-aid™ is for entertainment purposes only. Results may vary. Antenn-aid™ was made on a Mac.


Unbelievably enough, fanboys seem to be falling for the ruse and ordering Antenn-aid™. Six plasters cost $4.99 + S&H which for the US is another $1 and for the rest of the world $3.00. NMA News weren't kidding that fanboys would line up and crawl to buy an iCrap™.

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