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Assange Affair: So Proud, So Proud

The media in Sweden are trying to convince their sheeple that everything's OK.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — Word of the international outcry about what Julian Assange called 'a complete circus' has even reached the sheltered world of the Swedish duck pond. But the version related by the media is far from the truth.

Lena Sundström - Lena Amalia Sundström - is a so-called 'social commentator' working for Aftonbladet, TV4, and even appearing on celebrity game shows. She has no legal credentials whatsoever.

Sundström studied media and communications science and later attended a school of journalism. She came out with her book Things I Don't Understand and People I Don't Like in 2005. She's since moved to Denmark despite being very critical of Danish government and culture.

Sundström has no legal credentials whatsoever.

Swedes have become increasingly worried about their international image. Long known only for the midnight sun, beautiful women, IKEA, and the Nobel Prize, they're now being seen as having the clumsiest (perhaps most dishonest) judicial system in the western world as well as a country where people are convicted of 'Swedish rape' on no evidence whatsoever.

Obviously it's time for damage control.

  The TV4 interview with Lena Sundström. They've even managed to misspell the name 'WikiLeaks' (as 'WIKILEAK') at the bottom of the page.

TV4's morning news programme Nyhetsmorgon therefore call in Lena Amalia Sundström to settle the matter once and for all. They could have called in accredited legal experts but the risk there is the experts would have said things the television station didn't want people to hear.

Following is an abridged account of the one minute fifty second exchange.

TV4: What do you think about this case?
LAS: I'm trying to think as little as possible. I think everyone should do that. But we can already see the smear campaigns against these two girls, people try to attack their believability, and of course this is in a big global perspective. But we actually know nothing at all and we must therefore try to avoid speculating and let the judicial process take its course.

TV4: Some people are worried about how this looks internationally. Do you think they have cause to be worried?
LAS: I must say this is a remarkable discussion. That this should in some way be embarrassing for Sweden, that the system keeps changing its mind all the time, that this would be reason for apprehension. But I think the opposite - this is not about a question of culpability, this is about our knowing too little, we have to research the matter more, it's not embarrassing to admit it, it's actually something we should be proud of. I think.

There's no mention of the Swedish prosecutor's office outing Julian Assange even before anyone could read the police protocol, even before the police interrogation was completed. There's no mention of the one crime everyone already knows quite enough about, thank you Lena Sundström: namely that Julian Assange's name was blasted across the headlines worldwide, this in strict violation of the rules of office.

There's no mention that this is the cause of the current 'complete circus'. Things are still so bad today that the current prosecutors - the third and fourth already - are still posting online at their website to tell people they have no further news.

This isn't a normal procedure: their current 'English' section is makeshift only, created specifically to deal with the attention to the Assange case - attention it wouldn't have today if they'd not themselves broken the law.

There's no mention of the fact that radical feminists are attacking Assange online, calling him every name in the book, this despite no one having any facts as Sundström says, this despite several sources evidently having quite a bit more information than Sundström.

There's no hint from Sundström that she recognises the universal right to presumption of innocence. On the contrary: for Julian Assange, the damage has already been done. And yet from 'social commentator' Lena Amalia Sundström one hears not a word.

Dear Ms Ny,

I've heard about your pioneer legal system in Sweden. After I've applied for residence in your lovely country I'd like your help in processing a complaint.

I too am a victim of rape. I was 'coerced' into the act of sex by an older woman who in addition later went on to bring a false accusation of rape against me. Both my wife Elaine and I are still traumatised by this abuse and we'd like your help in bringing the female chauvinist pig Robinson to justice.

Med vänlig hälsning,

Benjamin Braddock

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
 — Thomas Jefferson
Wikileakileaks is a typical Gawker pimp job for ST-diseased ads. Kill it and them.
 — John Young, Cryptome

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