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'I Don't Even Have to Press Enter!'

Darwin moans.

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This is an enormous step forward. Think of all the technology streamlining involved. Think too of the bandwidth needed for this to work. Think of the mutating caches on disk. And all the people who'll throw away their old computers because 'they're full'. It's wonderful.

And it truly is great technology on the part of the Googles. They study hard, work hard, achieve some great things.

Now think of the monkeys they're doing this for. Something like the Morlocks and the Eloi. Two great classes of people. The rulers and the idiots. HG Wells more or less had it right.

Of course the great revelation is 'I don't even have to press Enter!' That's really got people going. Like finally understanding you have to log in to Yahoo Mail to send or receive messages. Or figuring out on your own why your movies don't look exactly the same on your television set as they did at the cineplex.

The drawback of course is that they're still going to have to type something. They're still going to have to learn to use a keyboard. (iP* users will of course have to struggle a bit more.)

Tomorrow's computer keyboards will be built without Enter and Return keys. Soon we will only have pointing devices or the obsequious 'tap tap tap'. The one thing separating homo sapiens from the other species - the opposable thumb - will be used only to put coins in slots.

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