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Assange: Ingrid Carlqvist Speaks Out

The famous author on Sweden's crazy treatment of rape accusations. From 23 August 2010.

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Poor Julian Assange. He'd been warned that higher powers were going to try to smear him and his organisation WikiLeaks but he'd never have thought the pleasant and sexually eager ladies in Sweden would run to the police and ask if he'd raped them. And he'd never have imagined the police and the prosecutor would immediately believe every word the ladies said and without a critical review of the accusations arrest him in absentia.

Today the news of Sweden's strange attitude to rape accusations spread like wildfire across the globe. Johann Binninge, chairman of Rättssäkerhetsorganisationen, was interviewed by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN. BBC Radio interviewed Billy Butt, also a spokesman for 'RO', who explained to a surprised reporter that this is precisely how things work in Sweden - a woman walks into a police station and claims a man has raped her and immediately they rush out to catch the criminal.

'The reporter from the Washington Post thought I was joking with him when I told him how it works', said Johann Binninge. 'When he understood that I was completely serious, that you don't need more than the word of a woman for the police to arrest someone for rape, he said: ARE YOU COMPLETELY MAD? THAT'S WORSE THAN IRAQ UNDER SADDAM HUSSEIN!'

Yes, thank you, there are a few of us who are aware of that.

But not the prosecutors of course. Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand definitely doesn't apologise for her arrest in absentia of Julian Assange, not even after her boss Eva Finné gave her a slap on the wrist by rescinding the warrant and immediately dismissing the accusation of rape.

'WikiLeaks Rape'

I've got only one thing to say: what Julian Assange was victimised by is not an 'accident in the workplace': this is how things work in Sweden, the country that is only beat by South Africa when it comes to rape cases. Not real rapes of course, but mostly the Julian Assange variety. And hereby we may get a new name for false rape accusations - WikiLeaks Rape.

'Thank You, Thank You'

It pleases me immensely that the international media report on Swedish simpleton madness. Thank you, thank you Julian Assange for taking as you please of the liberated Swedish women. Thank you, thank you Anna Ardin and you other as yet unnamed lady who both had sex with the world's most famous hacker and thank you, thank you for getting pissed as shit because he had sex with you both and didn't drop to a knee and propose directly after the romp in the hay.

Thank you, thank you for ringing each other and gossiping and thereafter ringing the police and asking if you possibly had been raped. Thank you, thank you prosecutor Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand for being a Pavlovian Dog: when a woman says 'rape' you immediately issue an arrest warrant without the least bit of critical review.

Thank you, thank you Eva Finné who withdrew the warrant a few hours later and thereby let the whole world understand how crazy things are here in Sweden.

If the focus in the media keeps up, this might be the best thing that could happen. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ingrid Carlqvist is the famous activist and author of Not Without My Sons, the true story of George Pesor's fight for justice, and Ego Girl and Ego Woman together with Carolina Gynning.

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