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Steve Ballmer in Stockholm

Celebrities flocking to the 'Venice of the North'.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Julian Assange isn't the only celebrity gracing the Swedish capital. Microsoft's hapless CEO Steve Ballmer is there too.

Ballmer paid a visit to Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga tekniska högskolan) where buddy Bill picked up a special award a few years back as thanks for donating obscene amounts of ActiveMoney™ to the institution. Bill was miffed that the Institute had decided to give an award the year before to Linus Torwalds without Torvalds donating a single öre. Money can buy anything.

Ballmer also popped up at Jeppe Parnevik's father's China Theatre as well. The purpose of his less than graceful visit? To tell people how absolutely great his new Internet Explorer is.

Stockholm's Royal Institute's always been a bit behind the times. The leading technological institute is actually in Linköping. There they'd moved to Unix and C years before Stockholm who were still using PASCAL.

But that's still no excuse for sitting through a horrendous talk with Steve Ballmer.

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