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Opera GUI Design Virtuosity

Geniuses all over the place.

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WALDEMAR THRANES GATE OSLO (Rixstep) — Newbie latecomers to Microsoft's ridiculous MFC application templates and thereby the hapless inventors of the browser tab, Sarumans of Scandinavia infamous and hated for sending bone crunchers out into the world to deal with critics of their products, shameless marketeers offering token alignment with the FOSS movement even though their products are anything but free or open, creators of substandard marginally successful products created infinitely better elsewhere, Opera have now taken it upon themselves to 'improve' on the graphics of the world's foremost graphics design company.

Graphics guru Dali has the word.

This shit. Not to mention that at the first attempt it got stuck at 10.6% so I had to cancel and retry. Geniuses all over the place, this world is justinbiebered for good.

It should be pointed out that Tokyo ISPs offer something like a zillion gajillion terabits/second.

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