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EVERYWHERE (Rixstep) — Over 700 idiots from the 'Yesterday Media™' have been escalating their hysteria over the past few days, screaming about an imminent release of WikiLeaks documents. Of course it's been silly (and more so). Yesterday evening Twitter turned into a bit of a Sotheby's with some media sites claiming there'd be as many as 500,000 documents released.

But there were no sources. None. Unless one counts Kevin Poulsen. And that's just too much of a leap of foolishness. Merely searching for '400,000' at Google News turns up over 700 hits.

Short List

Here's a short list of the more prominent idiots who hopped on the bandwagon on the basis of a single source of highly dubious value.

Telegraph, Washington Post, CBC, CNN, The Register, Economic Times, Xinhua, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Canadian Press, IBNLive, Chosum Ilbo, Talk Radio News Service, GroundReport, The Week, Daily Rosetta, AlterNet, Metro, New Delhi Chronicle, Firedoglake, Secrecy News, Press TV, Federal News Radio, Journalism.co.uk, The Drum, ComputerWeekly, NewsTime, ShortNews.com, Newsi.es, Neon Tommy, Indie Pro Pub, UPI.com, Radio New Zealand, BBC News, First Amendment Center, The Australian, Reuters, PC Magazine, Scottish Daily Record, Oneindia, CNN International, New York Times, ABC Online, CBS News, NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Press Association, Associated Press, NEWS.com.au, USA Today, Washington Times, SmartCompany.com.au, The Hill, Gather, MyFox Philadelphia, Newser, Seer Press, Third Age, DigitalJournal.com, Malaysia Sun, Inventorspot, Only Kent, RebOrbit, Pakistan News, Antiwar.com, Mashable, AOL News, Gawker, Media Post Publications, AllVoices, Editors Weblog, Comtex Smartrend, IT Pro Portal, Democracy Now, THINQ.co.uk, TechEye, Raw Story, MSNBC.com, Jerusalem Post, PhysOrg,com, Digital Media Wire, Boing Boing, TechRadar UK.

Second source, journalists? The warmongering pinheads in that five-sided building even went into Panic Mode™.

So it was with this in mind that Rixstep yesterday evening decided to top them all.

Given the reputation one has to uphold, this was absolutely necessary.

Today WikiLeaks Twitter finally reacted to the eejit storm of the Yesterday Media.

Where do all these claims about WikiLeaks doing something on Iraq today (Monday) come from? A single tabloid blog at Wired Magazine!

That's right. Over 700 articles, newspapers all over the world, and newswires fooled by a tabloid blog - and each other.

Of course you won't see this blog cited, generally, in the mainstream press articles, because that would lessen the credibility of these articles back to where they belong: unsubstantiated, and indeed, false claims made by a source that is not credible. What is journalism coming to?

But Wired's blog is not just any source that lacks credibility. It is a known opponent and spreader of all sorts of misinformation about WikiLeaks. This dramatically ramped up since we demanded an investigation into what role they played in the arrest of the alleged journalistic source, US intelligence analyst Bradley Manning:


We condemned Wired magazine for that conduct and the magazine has been oppositional ever since. The two blogs concerned, 'Threat Level' and 'Danger Room', while having produced some good journalism over the years, mostly now ship puff pieces about the latest 'cool weapons system' and other 'war tech toys' as befits their names - 'Threat Level' and 'Danger Room'.

These two blogs, and in particular editor Kevin Poulsen, have been responsible for a tremendous amount of other completely false information about WikiLeaks.

A post today on 'Danger Room' begins with:

'We're still waiting for WikiLeaks to make good on its pledge to reveal hundreds of thousands of US military documents on the Iraq war.'


Another fabrication.

WikiLeaks does not speak about upcoming releases dates, indeed, with very rare exceptions we do not communicate any specific information about upcoming releases, since that simply provides fodder for abusive organisations to get their spin machines ready.

Julian Assange

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, meine Damen und Herren, you are witnessing why the Yesterday Media are so 'yesterday' - they can't even do the research anymore.

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