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Reinfeldt's Brain

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — One of the famous world statesmen pictured below is the current Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Can you pick him out? Take your time.

That was difficult, yes? So let's try again.

Can you tell now? Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is in both cases the one in the middle.

The person on the left is a member of the US neocon right; the person on the right is their grey eminence. He's also been Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's brain for the past ten years.

Mr Potato Head was born in 1952; Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was born in 1965. Mr Potato Head was already seriously involved in sexually spuddy activity by the time Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt skidded into the world. Karl Rove is at least 400 years old.
Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is the only one of the three never featured in a Pee-wee Herman movie (yes Karl Rove was - he was Mr Breakfast in Big Top Pee-wee).
Mr Potato Head never hired Karl Rove to help dismantle the world's most famous and most successful 'cradle to grave security' welfare system.
Mr Potato Head never told the Swedish nation he wouldn't criminalise an entire generation of file-sharers.
Mr Potato Head didn't deliberately delay the second trial of The Pirate Bay until after the 2010 elections so digital rights didn't become a campaign issue.
Mr Potato Head didn't make his country incur millions in fines because he didn't want to implement EU directives for data retention before the elections - for the same reason.
Mr Potato Head never told the world media that the Swedish extradition of Julian Assange to the US was solely a court matter and not influenced by politics.
Mr Potato Head doesn't hire on medium size dogs who have illusions of being large size dogs.
Mr Potato Head never appointed an uneducated ninny as justice minister so he could override civil rights in his country.
Mr Potato Head doesn't sit in the laps of people at the US embassy in Stockholm.

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